Tourist route Gorno Ozirovo – Ledenika

It was built as a tourist route, it provides connection for lovers of hiking and bike tourism by the park from the resort center Varshets.

The route takes about four hours, as the route passes along the existing path at the moment. There were placed information boards and signs and and they are shaped in beautiful recreation areas.

Tourist route Vratsa – Ledenika

The tourist route of Vratsa, which provides pedestrian access to the cave "Ledenika" as an alternative to tourists in one or both directions, functional arrangement of the territory with the territorial planning scheme, which gives the object element of versatility and contributes to raising attractiveness and attendance of the object.

The route represents a trail that passes through the most attractive of the nature landscape and perspective areas of the region. Along are various facilities and elements that contribute to its attractiveness, ease the transition, provide information or opportunity to rest.