Cave "Ledenika"

Naturе landmark - "Ledenika" cave is located within the Nature Park "Vratsa Balkan", where there are some of the most interesting caves and abyss - about 500. The caves are one of nature’s wonders of the world and their unique underground beauty formation for millions of years.

The cave was declared a nature landmark (cave sites to preserve the cave formations) by Order 2810 / 10.10.1962 yr. Of (CEC) (SG 56-1963 years) and is included in the list of the hundred national tourist sites. Declared a naturе landmark - a protected naturе site of international importance by Order 988 / 10.04.1993, the ISAs (SG. 97-1993). One of the most beautiful in Bulgaria - cave "Ledenika" is a tourist site of international importance with the area around it - the so-called Ledenika valog 102.5 hectares and is located 16 km west of town Vratsa. Styled in malmsk limestones of Zgorigrad anticline and is characterized by extremely rich morphological forms and formations. The cave impresses with its size, and in winter grabs the visitor with its exquisite ice decoration, where its name comes from. Because of the unique acoustics in the Great Hall concert venue. Accepts first visitors after rehabilitation in 1961.

It is included in the 100 national tourist sites and it is a site of national importance.

Its entrance is located in the lowest part of the Ledenika uval at an altitude of 830 m. The first room is the antechamber (the lowest part of the cave). In winter and spring this room fascinates with ice crystal decoration, gave the name of the cave. In few meters, one should move lower down the passageway "Plaznata" to reach the small hall, which has nearly round shape, and then another narrow passage in the Big (Concert) hall. Everything is majestic and unique, starting from the Crocodile, the Giant's head, The falcon, Santa Claus and the house of ‘’Baba Yaga’’ and many others.

From the large hall through iron bridges pass to the Little and Big gap in the hallway "Zaveskite" to get to the no less beautiful "White Hall". Here you can see the mother in law’s tongue,the wife of the Giant, the elephant, the bathing girl. The highest point of the cave is called "Seventh Heaven." The temperature in the cave varies from -7 ° C to -15 ° C to 8 ° C throughout. The humidity is 92%. The fauna is relatively poor - bats, cave beetles, woodlice, spiders. The majority of the inhabitants of the cave belong to the so-called "troglobites" or typical cave dwellers. Typical is "Fagomizetis ledenikus" or "Svetlomrazets" little blind cave beetle, which is a local endemic, found only here and nowhere else in the world.

Because of the Concert Hall’s wonderful acoustics of 1968 conducted symphonic concerts underground Vratsa Philharmonic, which gave the name of the hall.

"Ledenika" cave is the most popular and most visited cave in the country. In the late 80s visits reached a record 100,000 visitors annually.