Services and prices

   Visits to the unique beauty of the cave "Ledenika"    6 lv. for adults,
   4 lv. for students and seniors
   5D cinema    5 lv. и 3 lv.
   Entertainment services (climbing wall, rope trail, trolley)    3 lv. и 2 lv.
   Animated package of services for children: sports and creative games,
   toning and relaxation programs, lectures, exhibitions, presentations
   3 lv. per hour
   Teambuilding and full package - includes a visit to the cave, cinema,
   amusement park, movement on eco path with a guide, funfair.
   12 lv.


  • Unforgettable adventure among the beautiful nature.
  • Creative games and entertainment.
  • Walking with a guide on the eco paths.
  • Discounts for collective visits.