The show "Sound and light"

The show "Sound and light" in the cave Ledenika is unique.

Inside the cave are presented audio and light choreography. Light performance combined with specially selected music is highlighted in separate rooms. For each of the existing galleries it is different.

In the Concert Hall is presented "The water show" - five-minute projection on a water screen. The innovative device of communication is a spectacular element with a strong impact. "

The graphic show "is a modern technology that realizes graphical animation 2 and 3D, personalized and synchronized with music, speech and audio effects. This system allows a strong emotional impact.

After "The water spectacle" in the "Concert Hall", visitors will be able to see naturally formed rock formations resembling figures of "a giant", "a falcon", "The house of Baba Yaga", "The inkwell", etc., by the graphic show reproduced by laser projectors.

In the Lake of Wishes is presented "Fairy Ledenika" - three-minute video projection on a small water screen.

In  the small gap thanks to modern technology is realized a volume 'beam show "with music and sound effects, called "Volcano. "