About park

Amusement park "Ledenika" is the newest and largest attraction in northwestern Bulgaria.

Located in the Vratsa Balkan, 16 km from town Vratsa. Created by the European project it has become a unique place with modern attractions-5 D cinema, an amphitheater and alley of fairy characters, in which are staged daily sports and games for all ages, artistic events, quizzes, carnivals, photo-fests of a given topic, teambuilding and many other activities.

Besides visiting the unique beauty of the cave, a professional team of guides and animators offer the opportunity for games and outdoor recreation.

The region has four marked trails of varying length and difficulty.

An unforgettable adventure in the beauty of the amusement park and a combination of tourist desires with a wide range of entertainment.

The main objective of the project "Development of sustainable tourism in the municipality of Vratsa. Ledenika - tourism without seasons "CG BG161PO001 / 3.1-03 / 2010/013, is developing a nature attraction based on" Ledenika "cave and turning it in a basis of competitive tourist product - a symbol of the emerging tourist destination Vratsa.

The target groups of the project are Bulgarian and foreign families with children, Bulgarian and foreign friend groups; organized trips for children or adults; individual tourists. The biggest target group of users of the new product will be families with children, because of the interesting attractions in the small amusement park.

Creating a product with more features, with options to satisfy the large number of needs, will give more leisure time for the tourists, which will lead to raising the prestige of the destination. Satisfaction will be achieved not only in financial terms but also in social terms. This applies to both sides in the tourism process - users and providers.

This project provides opportunities to build a foundation on which the tourist companies of the region produce and sell highly specialized tourism products that offer unique value for demanding and choosy consumers. Simultaneously, the project supports the development of related industries and sectors.

The expected impact of the project to promote opportunities for tourism and recreation in the region. As an indirect result, will increase the number of tourists in the region and duration of residence will increase opportunities for businesses in the tourism sector, especially small business owners in urban areas around the park, and thus the opportunities for income generation in the municipalities.

PROJECT COST: 5689 506.43 lv.

GRANT: 4865 742.60 lv.

CO-FINANCING: 228 209.03 lv.

Additional financing: 595 554.80 lv.

Start: 23.11.2011

END: 04/08/2015

The project "Development of sustainable tourism in the municipality of Vratsa. Ledenika - tourism without seasons "build an amusement park" Ledenika "consisting of 6 modules: Input module" "Underground attraction - sound and light, educational / interpretive module "The Bat "The Fabulous alley with an amphitheater, sports and entertainment unit - "Mom, Dad, and we".